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DEW is a E-wrestling Role-Play federation. At the moment I am the only contributor of characters. I do this for my personal amusement with the possibly that others can enjoy this as well. The best way to view this is from the bottom to the top to understand what is going on.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Insanity Super Show ! (TEST PILOT)


Brett Cummings: WELCOME TO THE FIRST EVER DEW INSANITY SUPER SHOW ! We have one hell of a show tonight. I'm Brett Cummings and this is Eddy Mooney ! 

Eddy Mooney: Tonight is going to be one of the greatest nights in sports entertainment. Tonight DEW brings a new alternative to Wrestling but first lets go to our National Anthem played by the USC Trojan Marching Band! 

::::National Anthem Ends::::: 

Ashley Montgomery: Ladies and gentlemen coming down to the ring from Scottsdale ,AZ weighing 235 Ibs. Michael Ca$h ! 

:::The lights dim and the images of dollar signs emerge on the runway floor. For the Love of Money by The Oj's begins to blast on the PA. system. 

Michael Ca$h comes down to the ring. The crowd begins to boo and then he grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

Michael Ca$h: Hello Ladies and germs. Tonight I'm going to prove something and that is that everybody has a price for Michael Ca$h. Now as you all know that my opponent is about to make his way down to the ring. I don't feel like wrestling tonight in fact I want the night off. So I'm making you an offer he can't refuse.That's right Bob Mash I am offering you $100,00.00's to forfeit this match tonight. That's more then what you make in a year in the DEW. So what do you say Bobby ? Let me know now , don't keep me waiting.

Brett Cummings: What an dishonorably thing to do.

Eddy Mooney: What are you talking about Brett ? It's genius !

(Star and Stripes forever begins to play on the PA. system as the Army Vet makes his way down to the ring carrying old glory. The crow begins to erupt chanting USA.  Bob Mash enters the ring waving the American flag but Michael Ca$h interrupts.)

Michael Ca$h: Cut the music. So what do you say my friend ? Are you going to accept my offer or night ?

(Bob Mash doesn't say anything but you can tell by his composer that he is not going to go through with the proposition.)

Michael Ca$h: Come now Bob. Don't be an idiot. I am offering you an opportunity of a life time here. I am going to give you the count of five to make your decision. 1....2....3....FOUR ! Come on Bob just think what you can do with all that money. I know you're poor. What about your family ? I know just got married and have a baby girl on the way. Do it for your family Bob. Think about what you can do it all that money. You can buy a lot of diapers.

::::Bob Mash smacks Michael Ca$h with a forearm and Michael Ca$s crashes down to the ground.  Referee Bill Alonno rings the bell. Michael Ca$h doesn't even have his wrestling gear on. Bob Mash stomping on Michael Ca$h but Michael Ca$h gets up.)

Brett Cummings: Bob Mash is amazing and the fans are in his favor.

Eddy Mooney: Bob Mash is an absolute moron for turning down the money. That money could of gone to his family.

Brett Cummings: There are some things that matter more then money, like pride. Bob Mash picks Michael Ca$h up and what a power bomb by Bob Mash. Michael Ca$h steps outside the ring to regroup himself. He goes under the ring and grabs some kind of weapon. Michael Ca$h now with a lead pipe and when the referee isn't looking hits Bob Mash right between the eyes. Michael goes for the cover.

NO !

Eddy Mooney: I can't believe it !

Brett Cummings: Bob Mash showing some awesome moves now. Bob Mash with a DDT followed by an elbow drop to the mid section. Bob Mash with a Double Ax Handle to the head. He tries the Double Ax Handle again but Ca$h slithers out of the way like the snake that he is. Michael Ca$h showing athleticism with a drop-toe-hold. Michael Ca$h goes for the sleeper and it could be La La Land for Bob Mash. Bob Mash is about to fall a sleep but some how some way manages to get to his feet ! The crow goes crazy as the cheer for the fan favorite here tonight. Bob Mash now is on fire with some rights and lefts ! Bob Mash with a hip toss. Bob Mash goes to the top ropes and a beautiful Missal drop kick. Michael Ca$h gets up but Bob Mash quickly hits him knocking him down again. Wait a minute Michael Ca$h is signaling for something. What in the world could he be up to ?

Eddy Mooney: Oh it's nothing Cummings just concentrate on the action.

Brett Cummings: And two mask men come down to the ring as they surround the ring. Michael Ca$h trows Bob Mash outside the ring and the mask men begin attacking him. The referee doesn't see it. It's a lumber jack match out here.

Eddy Mooney: They're just mad because Bob Mash didn't pay his car payments.

Brett Cummings: Oh come on. One of those men is Six feet Ten possibly  Seven feet tall. They're doing a number on him while Michael Ca$h is distracting the referee. Michael Ca$h now throws the distorted Bob Mash into the ring. Michael Ca$h with his Finisher he calls the Money Belt and goes for the cover.


Ashley Montgomery: The Winner of the match , Michael Ca$h !!!!!


Brett Cummings: What an sneaky SOB !

Eddy Mooney: I bet that Bob Mash wished he took the money now.

Brett Cummings: Bob Mash is out cold and Ca$h and his mask men leave the ring.Lets go backstage with Shane Rooper.

-=-=-=-Back Stage-=-=-=-=-=-

(Shane Rooper is backstage with Michael Ca$h who is with his mask men.)

Shane Rooper: Mr. Ca$h what we just saw was disgusting. Who are these men you have with you.

(One of the mask men try to intimidate Shane Rooper.)

Michael Ca$h: It doesn't matter who they are but what they can do. I have already showed the World What they can do. Bob Mash was a moronic idiot for not taking the money I offered. I gave him a chance of a life time and he turned me down. Now he has paid the price. That's all I got to say about that.

-=-=-=-=-Back to ring side-=-=-=-=-=-

Brett Cummings: What a jerk. Did you see the smirk on his face. Oh my god distasteful.

Eddy Mooney: Whatever Brett. I still think it was genius !

Ashley Montgomery: Ladies and gentlemen this is a Hard-core Match. Falls count anywhere in the building and the only way to win is by pin fall or submission. Coming down to the ring from Oakland,CA. Weighing 198 pounds ,  "The Suicide Kid" Matt Shades .

The Suicide Kid makes his way down to the ring as the crowd goes crazy. He's wearing a wife beater and cut off jeans and walks down to the ring with a Singapore Cane. He rocks out to the music along with the crowd and then waits for his opponent.

Ashley Montgomery: And his opponent.... From From Boston , Mass  Weighing 200 Pounds SNOTT !

Shipping off to Boston by Drop Kick Murphys begin to blast on the PA. system. Snott comes down to the ring and then blows his nose in a handkerchief and then hands it to a female fan. The female fan rejects the offer and SNOTT feels offended. He goes to attack the female fan but the Suicide kid quickly runs down the ramp and starts attacking SNOTT and the bell sounds.

Brett Cummings: The match is underway and these two men are going at it. SNOTT is one weird indivisual.

Eddy Mooney: I have to agree with you on that one Brett but he was only being nice. He gave the fan a gift and she rejected it.

Brett Cummings: The two men are going at it. The Suicide Kid throws SNOTT into the guard rail. They go into the backstage area now and the Suicide kid throws SNOTT into a bunch of metal boxes. SNOTT now getting some momentum after grabbing some warm coffee from the diners cart into the Suicide kid's face. SNOTT just sneezed right in the Suicide Kid's face. What a gross SOB.

Eddy Mooney: It's probably just allergies. It's really dusty back there.

Brett Cummings: The men are now on the roof ! MY GOD this could go bad.SNOTT charging at the Suicide kid. The Suicide kid almost fell off the roof.  The Suicide Kid now. Oh wait he's going for it ? Oh my GOD don't do it kid. The Suicide Kid just DDTED SNOT right on the cement.




Brett Cummings: And a pretty quick victory for the Suicide Kid !!!

Ashley Montgomery: Here is your winner , "The Suicide Kid" Matt Soltley !!!


-=-=-=-=-=In the offices of the Owner Johnny Sinclair-=-=-=-=-=-

(Layla pours Johnny Sinclair some coffee. Sinclair looks at his paperwork and then has a nice grin on his face.)

Johnny Sinclair: This is during out to be one awesome wrestling promotion. The first two matches were exciting and we still have the big Main Event where me and Mosh Pit will take on Hugh Angel and Chris Stone. Just then Leroy Finley walks in.

Leroy Finley: Are you sure you want to go on with this sir ? This match is suicide. You got a crazy lunatic and then you got Chris Stone who's just as dangerous. I don't recommend you go through with this.

Johnny Sinclair: I have to go through with this Leroy. It has to be. After what these men did to me they are going to have to pay.

Leroy Finley: Are they still going to be employed after the match ?


(Johnny Sinclair storms out of his office.)

-=-=-=-=Ring Side-=-=-=-=-=-

Brett Cummings: Some interesting short and sweet words from Johnny Sinclair.

Eddy Mooney: I think that Sinclair is underestimating these two. Oh one hand you got Hugh Angel who's crazy and then you have Chris Stone who's a monster in the ring. I hope Sinclair knows what he's doing.

Brett Cummings: We have a huge Tag Team Match in our Main Event. But now we have tag team competition between The West Side Riders and the Bulldozers. Lets go to Ashley Montgomery.

Ashley Montgomery: Ladies and gentlemen this is a Tag Team Match. First coming down the ring from San Fransisco , California. A Total combined weight of 534 Pounds Mickey Rodgers and Mork Bradley The West Side Riders !

Ashley Montgomery: And their opponents with a title combined weight of 700 Pounds From New Orleans ,LA. Lead down to the ring by Doom.Chaz and Montley , The Bulldozers !!!

(Supertzar by Black Sabbath begins to blast on the PA. system as Doom leads his men the Bulldozers down to the ring. The crowd begins to boo as they enter the ring and stare their opponents down.)

Brett Cummings: And the match is under way. We start with Mork and Chaz. Chaz showing great athleticism for his size. Chaz now with an Irish whip into the corner. Chaz tries to spear Mork in the turnbuckle but misses. Now it's Mork with the advantage with some rights and some lefts. Mork goes to the top ropes. Flying DDT ! The crowd erupts ! Mork with all the advantage now. Mork with a sleeper hold and Chaz is going to sleep but Montley enters the ring and interferes with the hold. Referee Bob Mc Gee begins to five count but Montley exits the ring in time. Chaz now with the advantage.

Eddy Mooney: It looks bad for Mork now. He better get out of there.

Brett Cummings: Chaz scooping Mork up for a power bomb but Mork reverses with a hurricanrana and goes for the cover.



Brett Cummings: Only a two count. Mork going to the top ropes and what a flying elbow. This could be over.


Eddy Mooney: What a fast count that was Brett. Bob Mc Gee looks biased here.

Brett Cummings: Oh give me a break. Now it's Mork here with an irish whip into the West Coast Rider's corner. He tags in Rodgers now. Mork tries to pick Chaz up but he's just too big and Chaz goes crushing down on Mork. He's got the pin but Mork is no longer the legal man. Mickey takes Chaz off Mork and quickly goes to the top ropes. Chaz gets up. Mickey Rogers now with a crossbody into the cover.

NO !

Brett Cummings: The power of Chaz is just too over powering.

Eddy Mooney: Chaz better tag out he's got a fresh man in there.

Brett Cummings: Chaz managing to tag in Montley. Now we have two fresh men in there. Montley with an irsh whip. BAM ! Devastating lariot by Montley. Montley has the upper hand here. Montley goes to the top ropes but no !

Eddy Mooney: Did you see that ? Mork just tripped him.

Brett Cummings: That's payback for Montley breaking the sleeper hold.

Eddy Mooney: I don't care Cummings. Cheating is cheating.

Brett Cummings: Montley is getting angry and is heavy on the offence. Montley with a Gorilla press slam and goes into the ropes. Montley with a horrifying splash on Mickey. That's 400 pounds of fat ass ! He goes for the cover but no Mickey kicks out with not even a one count.

Eddy Mooney: That referee needs to be quicker. Montley now tags in Chaz. Montley Irish whips Mickey into the ropes and Chaz just rammed into Montley. Oh MY GOD that's 700 pounds crushing a 200 pound man. Chaz goes for the cover.


3........ !

Brett Cummings: Mork tried to break the count but Montley was still in the ring.

Ashley Montgomery: That winners of this contest , The Bulldozers !

-=--=-=-Crowd Boos.-=-=-=-=-

Brett Cummings: What is going on now ? Doom enters the ring and sprayed something in the eyes of Mork. Mickey is still down and Chaz just threw Mickey out of the ring. The 400 pound Montley squashing Mickey on the chest. Mickey is hurt bad. When need medical attention quickly. Chaz now with a drop kick to Mickey's head. Montley is going to do it again ! Oh my God there's got to be some internal bleeding there. A stretcher is being brought into the ring now and they're taking Mickey to the hospital. What a horrible display from the Bulldozers. The Bulldozers leave the ring and leave behind total destruction.

-=-=-=--Back Stage-=-=-=-=-

Hugh Angel and Chris Stone are in the back talking about their match in the Main Event Tonight.

Hugh Angel: Johnny Sinclair the time is near and tonight we are going to dismember you in front of the fans here tonight. You thought it was a good idea to bring me into the DEW ? Your need for ratings and greed is going to come to a big fine my friend ,because I am a crazy lunatic and I really wish to hurt you tonight.

Chris Stone: That's right gentlemen we are going to annihilate you both tonight. I don't like either of you and we want to give you the worse beatings of your lives. We want to cripple you to the point that you can never walk again. Actually to the point to where you will never breath again. You boys think that this is a game ? Well you're right be this isn't any game. This isn't shoots and ladders or connect the the dots. This is a sinister game of pain and torture. We come to torture both of you and send you to the hospital.

Hugh Angel: Be afraid... be very afraid.

-=-=-=-=-Ring Side-=-=-=-=-=-

Brett Cummings: A scary situation here tonight. We have yet to hear from Mosh Pit but Hugh Angel and Chris Stone seem like they're on the right page tonight.

Eddy Mooney: This just might be the last show tonight because Johnny Sinclair may not be around after tonight. You have two men who have killed before. Chris Stone is a vicious son of a gun and Hugh Angel is a serial killer.

Brett Cummings: Lets go to Ashley Montgomery.

Ashley Montgomery: Ladies and gentlemen this is a woman's match. Coming down to the ring weighing 105 pounds from Dallas Texas Misty Mist.

(Feel Like A Woman by Shania Twain begins to blast on the PA. system. The crowd goes crazy for Misty Mist. She poses for the fans showing off her legs and then waves her hands up in the air getting to fans attention.)

Ashley Montgomery: And here opponent.... From New York, New York lead down to the ring by Rebecka Duse. "The Femme Fatality" Sadie  Black.

(Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts blast on the PA. system as Rebecka Duse and Sadie Black make their way down to the ring. Sadie Black harasses the ring attendant as she gives him her black leather jacket.

Sadie Black: Remember hon this is leather. If anything happens to it , you pay. Got it ?

(The ring attendant nods in fear. After that Sadie Black enters the ring and begins screaming at Misty Mist. Sadie and Rebecka begin a beat down on Misty Mist before the match even gets started. The bell sound and the two begin fighting it out.)

Brett Cummings: Sadie Black now already resorting to pulling hair. Referee Bill Alonno stops her from pulling her hair. Sadie Black pushes the referee down. Bill Alonno warns Sadie Black the consequences. Out of no where Misty Mist with a small package.



Brett Cummings: Close win for Misty Mist. Misty Mist now with some lefts and rights. Misty Mist showing Sadie Black that she means business. Misty Mist with a hurricanrana into a cover.




Brett Cummings: Misty Mist now with an Irish whip followed by a clothesline. Misty Mist has the advantage. But Rebecka Duse just throw something that looks like salt into Misty Mist eyes. Sadie Black goes for the cover.


Brett Cummings: Misty Mist gets to her feet and chases Rebecka Duse. Rebecka Duse now managing to escape. If Mist isn't careful she's going to get counted out. Duse running fast and Mist is trying her darnest to  catch her. This isn't even about the match anymore this about Misty Mist catching Duse for throwing that salt in her eyes.


Ashley Montgomery: The winner of this contest Sadie Black !


Eddy Mooney: Wonderful ! Duse is a remarkable genius ! Mist forgot all about the match and that cost her the match.

Brett Cummings: That is just wrong. Misty Mist losing her first match due to outside interference.

Ashley Montgomery: Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for our Main Event  of the evening.

-=-=-=-Crowd Cheers-=-=-=-=-

Ashley Montgomery: Coming down to the ring with a total combined weight of Four Hundred and Seventy Six pounds. From Hollywood,CA Johnny Sinclair and Mosh Pit !

(It gets me through by Ozzy Osbourne begins to blast on the PA. system as Johnny Sinclair and Mosh Pit make their way down to the ring. The crowd goes crazy for these two. They enter the ring and wait for their opponents.

Ashley Montgomery: And their opponents... "The Bizarre One" Hugh Angel and Chris Stone !!!

(Hugh Angel and Chris Stone makes their way down to the ring. The crowd begins to boo. Some fans are throwing paper cups at them. Hugh Angel walks up to one of the fans and tries to scare them. Chris Stone steals a Johnny Sinclair sign form a fan and rips it a part. Hugh Angel walks up to Johnny Sinclair and gives him a sick  look. He begins laughing like a mad man. Johnny Sinclair looks scared but Mosh Pit walks up in front of them and breaks them up. Senior Referee Bob Mc Gee brings order between the four men and then sounds the bell as the action is under way.

Brett Cummings: The highly anticipated match of the week is underway. This four men are ready to give us one hell of a match.

Eddy Mooney: I have a feeling that by the time this match is over with some one is going to get hurt.

Brett Cummings: I couldn't agree more. Sinclair and Stone start off. Sinclair with an arm bar. Stone reverses the arm bar and begins to put a lot of strain on Johnny Sinclair's arm. Johnny Sinclair now in a lot of pain. Chris Stone throws Sinclair into the ropes. What a beautiful spear by Stone. Stone now unloading with punch after punch. Sinclair trying to get to ropes to break the hold but Stone just keeps on punching Johnny Sinclair in the face. Mosh Pit now enters the ring and Bob Mc Gee begins to count to five. Mosh Pit breaks the hold and Johnny Sinclair rolls out of the ring. Mosh Pit goes back to his corner while Referee Bob Mc Gee gives him a warming. While he's giving him the warning Hugh Angel attacks Johnny Sinclair outside the ring. Hugh Angel and Chris Stone double teaming Johnny Sinclair while Mosh Pit is being lectured about not entering the ring when not the legal man. Mosh Pit tries to help but that just keeps Bob Mc Gee's attention on him and not the match. When the referee turns around Hugh Angel is in his rightful corner but Chris Stone  had the advantage in the match now. Johnny Sinclair is almost helpless. Chris Stone now with a DDT followed by a choke hold. The referee tells him to break the hold. He does this but Chris Stone begins another choke hold.

Eddy Mooney: Chris Stone has a count of five before he has to break the hold and he's doing that. He's giving it a count of four and then starting the hold again.

Brett Cummings: It's wrong, it's just wrong. Johnny Sinclair has had an unfair disadvantage due to the attack earlier when Mosh Pit was unable to intervene and on top of that Hugh Angel and Chris Stone are using illegal tactics to win the match. Chris Stone now. OH NO ! Chris Stone tags in Hugh Angel with a disoriented Johnny Sinclair on the ground. Hugh Angel takes advantage with a boot to Sinclair's throat. Mosh Pit tries to enter the ring but Bob Mc Gee kicks him out of the ring. Hugh Angel now with a stomp to the chest followed by another one. Hugh Angel is biting Johnny Sinclair. He wants his flesh. He wants to eat Johnny Sinclair's flesh tonight. Mosh Pit tries to enter the ring again but instead of dealing with referee Bob Mc Gee Chris Stone enters the ring and knocks him out of the ring. Chris Stone now goes back to his corner. Hugh Angel starts to choke Sinclair again. While he does this Hugh Angel goes outside the ring and attacks Mosh Pit outside the ring. The two men are going at it and finally Mosh Pit gets the upper hand in battle. Johnny Sinclair now getting energy from the fans. You hear the fans chanting his name throughout the arena. Johnny Sinclair now getting up and tags in Mosh Pit ! Mosh Pit now is on fire. Mosh Pit throws Hugh Angel into the ropes and gives him a scoop power slam. Mosh Pit now with a European upper-cut! Mosh Pit throws Hugh Angel into the ropes again. What a beautiful back body drop.

Eddy Mooney: NO ! This can't be ! This just can't be.

Brett Cummings: Oh yes it's happening , look in front of you. Mosh Pit now getting revenge for what Hugh Angel and Chris Stone did to his life long friend Johnny Sinclair. Mosh Pit now with a press slam. Mosh Pit now setting Hugh Angel up for a surfboard. What a beautiful move by Mosh Pit. Hugh Angel now being ask if he wishes to submit but Hugh Angel is actually enjoying the pain. Hugh Angel  wants the pain, he loves it. Mosh Pit breaks the hold because he knows that Hugh Angel won't submit. HUGH ANGEL IS SICK ! HE'S A BEAST AND HE SHOULD BE IN PRISON ! Mosh Pit now going to the top ropes cross body !


Brett Cummings: Hugh Angel manages to kick out. Hugh Angel now manages to tag in Chris Stone. Chris Stone and Mosh Pit lock up and Mosh Pit some how some way manages to win the test of strength. Mosh Pit now with an Irish Whip and what a clothesline to the mid second of Chris Stone. Mosh Pit now with another Irish Whip and then time with a knee left to Chris Stone. Mosh Pit now with a knee drop to Chris Stone's face. Mosh Pit now picking up Chris Stone. Mosh Pit now with a chop to the chest.


Brett Cummings: And Again.


Brett Cummings: This could be it! Mosh Pit setting Chris Stone  up for his finishing move. He goes for the Mosh Pit as Johnny Sinclair quickly knocks Hugh Angel off the ring apron. Mosh Pit goes for the cover. This could be it.


Brett Cummings: What the hell is happening ?

Eddy Mooney: If Johnny Sinclair would of paid the electric bill this wouldn't be happening.

Brett Cummings: The lights are back on and Mosh Pit and Johnny Sinclair are out cold. Chris Stone goes for the cover.


Ashley Montgomery: This winners of this Contest, Hugh Angel and Chris Stone !

Brett Cummings: What the hell is going on tonight ? This makes no sense. Mosh Pit had the victory but for some reason the lights went out and Mosh Pit and Johnny Sinclair are out cold. Wait a minute. DOOM and the Bulldozers come out from under the ring. So they're the reason why Johnny Sinclair and Mosh Pit are out cold. Oh no ! I can't believe it. Montley is going to do a number on Johnny Sinclair. He's going to do what he did to Mickey earlier on tonight. Hugh Angel and Chris Stone has got Mosh Pit. Wait a minute though. Johnny Sinclair has got some allies. Matt Shades , Bob Mash and Mork runs down to the ring and they manage to save Johnny Sinclair. Johnny Sinclair , Bob Mash , Matt Shades and Mosh Pit leave the ring. We are out of time , thank you for watching !

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