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DEW is a E-wrestling Role-Play federation. At the moment I am the only contributor of characters. I do this for my personal amusement with the possibly that others can enjoy this as well. The best way to view this is from the bottom to the top to understand what is going on.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Johnny Sinclair makes an announcement

(The scene begins at Johnny Sinclair's office as he's about to talk about the re-opening of Deadly Encounter Wrestling.)

Johnny Sinclair: Last November not long before Thanksgiving Day I was attacked by thugs that I employed to bring your pure wrestling entertainment. In the Monday Super Show Main Event I was attacked severely and was unable to continue running DEW.

Now I am 100% back and ready to go once again. I just want to thank my talent for agreeing to give this another run, without them this re-opening could never happen. I also want to thank Hugh Angel for his willingness to come back as well as I will have an opportunity  to get my revenge. Hugh Angel you will pay for what you did to me. You almost shattered my dreams and you will never shatter my spirit. I have found a person who is going to love to get my revenge. This man will be nameless and will shock the whole wrestling World.

And now the card......

Double Main Event 

Hugh Angel with Doom 
Mystey opponent with Johnny Sinclair in his or her corner 

Mosh Pit 
Chris Stone 
Grudge Match 
Falls count everywhere 

Michael Ca$h 
"The Suicide Kid"Matt Shades 

The Bulldozers with Doom 

Reckless Youth 

Misty Mist 
Sadie Black 
in a return match 

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