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DEW is a E-wrestling Role-Play federation. At the moment I am the only contributor of characters. I do this for my personal amusement with the possibly that others can enjoy this as well. The best way to view this is from the bottom to the top to understand what is going on.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Michael Ca$h

Today we're going to take a look at the life style of Michael Ca$h. Little is still known about him but what we do know is that he is one rich man and lives the life of luxury where ever he goes. Lets go to this special footage of Michael Ca$h !

Michael Ca$h a rich black man is seen in his Mansion in Scottsdale ,AZ. His home is gorgeous. He has a swimming pool and a swarm of security guards , guarding his property. The scene begins with Michael Ca$h getting a massage by a really hot blonde. He has a glass of extremely expensive cognac on his table next to his massage table. He has a message for his opponent Michael Shades.

Michael Ca$h: This is the life isn't it ? I got a beautiful in door swimming pool.
Woman are coming and going around the clock.
The finest chefs cooking the most eclectic meals of all the world.
I have more cars then Sylvester Stallone.
 I've got five Lamborghini s , ten Bentley s and four Rolls Royce.
What do you have Michael Shades ? You've got absolutely  nothing !
You're just like all the other ham and eggers in the DEW. 

You've got no class and you certainly have no brains.
 I've got some advice for you Michael Shades forfeit while you still can !
Beg to old Johnny Sinclair to take you out of this match because you can't win !
You don't have a chance in the whole world to beat me.
 Ask Bob Mash who hasn't been seen since I embarrassed him last time we faced.
 He's probably out of there wrestling in some Bingo Hall in Philadelphia !

You are not worth my time.
I should be in the Main Event facing Johnny Sinclair's mystery opponent.
They should skip the tournaments and the battle royals and just give me the World Title.
When the time comes I am going to own this company just like I've own everything else.
I am far greater then you and more superior then you. You're a disgrace and the World knows it.  I'm done for now Mike. Do the right thing and quit !

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