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DEW is a E-wrestling Role-Play federation. At the moment I am the only contributor of characters. I do this for my personal amusement with the possibly that others can enjoy this as well. The best way to view this is from the bottom to the top to understand what is going on.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

UAW President Speaks

(The UAW President is seen in his business attire as he begins to speak.)

Don Nickels: In the wake of the new events of Hugh Angel being the UAW World Champion, I am doing everything in my power to get the title off this man. UAW doesn't want anything to do with this man and we will stop at nothing to get the title off of him. I am sending wrestlers in all regions to DEW to take the title off his hands. I have spoken with DEW owner Johnny Sinclair and we have come to the conclusion that if a DEW wrestler is unable to defeat Hugh Angel for the UAW World Title with in a month I will be sending my men from all regions to take the belt off of him. Mark Harris has told me that he will take the title off Hugh Angel but I doubt that he is able to do this. The promoters in the eastern region has said that they can bring a contender to take the belt off of Hugh Angel.

I trusted Johnny Sinclair and even gave him the opportunity to book the World Title and use our current champion at that time. Johnny Sinclair carelessly underestimating Hugh Angel has failed and has tainted pro wrestling as we know it today.

 Doom who has been barred from managing in any UAW promotion until this point will stop at nothing to humiliate us. He hates us to the fullest es-tent and we hate him mutually. He has ruined many promotions from his tactics and has brought carnage and lost integrity everywhere he goes. Doom and Anarchy must be stopped and that is why we are bringing our Tag Team Champions to take out the Bulldozers. Mark my words the World Tag Team Champions will take out the Bulldozers I can promise you that.

Johnny Sinclair I am ashamed of myself for allowing you and DEW into the UAW. You but all all in dire straits. I hope that for now on you make better choices with our title and not use it as a game. This isn't a game Johnny Sinclair and you have make a foolish mistake for giving Hugh Angel a World Title shot. That is all I have to say at this point.

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